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Disneyland Changes with Show Writer Rick West

Rick West returns to chat about the changing conditions of theme park design and operation, especially at the Disneyland Resort. Rick is a Show Writer for theme parks and was a Ride Operator on the west side of Disneyland. He also created several acclaimed Theme Park Adventure publications on attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Tarzan’s Treehouse. He is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Midsummer Scream.


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Disneyland Introduces New Doctor Strange WEB Tech Enhancements For WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure
May 6, 2022

“The Disney Parks Blog has shared that guests to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure can improve their scores aboard the WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction with a new Doctor Strange-inspired ‘Mystic Amplifier’ WEB Tech band released that will allow players to further enhance and customize their experience with its additional powers.

“On the attraction, when paired in Ride Mode, the various WEB Tech bands add electro-dynamic webs to your powers and repulsor blasts and other skills depending on which band you purchase. Backed by Stark Enterprises, bands can also attach to repulsors, available in red (Iron Man) and blue (Rescue). They come with 3 ‘Training spheres,’ which can levitate above the repulsor cannon in play mode. On the attraction in ride mode, it gives riders repulsor blasts instead of shooting spider webs.”

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Frederick Douglass Honored at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
May 6, 2022

“This new installation celebrates the relationship between the two distinguished patriots by adding a bust and portrait of Frederick Douglass near the existing bust and portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the lobby of the Opera House, as well as a framed copy of a U.S. Department of the Interior letter recognizing Douglass as a free man. The story of the two leaders and their work together is highlighted between the two busts.”

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America Chavez and the Scarlet Witch from “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” Arrive at Avengers Campus
May 6, 2022

“For a limited time, you can have an encounter with America Chavez and journey into the mystical side of things with the Scarlet Witch.”

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Disneyland’s House of the Future inspires retro-futuristic hotel suite with theme park views
The new House of the Future Retro Suite will open this summer at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel across the street from Disneyland.
PUBLISHED: May 4, 2022

“The new House of the Future Retro Suite will open this summer at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel across the street from Disneyland.

“The HoJo HoFu suite draws inspiration from the Monsanto House of the Future that was located at the Tomorrowland entrance from 1957 to 1967.”

“Howard Johnson’s new retro-futuristic House of the Future suite features multi-paned windows that offer views of Disneyland’s Monorail with the Matterhorn Bobsleds peak visible in the distance.

“A modern flat-screen television mounted to the wall in the House of the Future suite mimics the curved frame of a 1950s cathode ray TV. Midcentury-style seating by Modernica and Herman Miller, decorative panels by Modular Arts and period lighting by Restoration Hardware complete the Space Age look. Custom art by Southern California retro artist Shag depicting a familial scene in the House of the Future’s living room hangs on the wall of the new suite.”

“The newly renovated Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel retains the design aesthetic of midcentury modern architect William L. Pereira with a futuristic lobby, vaulted ceilings and a barrel arch roofline. The refreshed rooms take design cues from George Nelson’s marshmallow sofa, Eero Saarinen‘s pedestal table and Eames desk chairs — style icons of 1950s and 1960s era interior decor.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland Hotel pays $100,000 to settle lawsuit by guest bitten by bedbugs
PUBLISHED: May 3, 2022

“The Disneyland Hotel has paid $100,000 to settle a 2018 lawsuit alleging that a guest was bitten by bedbugs, according to her lawyer and Disney.

“Ivy Eldridge of Los Angeles reported being bitten by bed bugs during a two-day stay at the Disneyland Hotel in April 2018, and sustained a painful rash afterwards, according to Encino attorney Brian Virag, who specializes in suing hotels over bed bugs. The suit alleged that the hotel didn’t do enough to keep the insects away.”

Orange County Register

Disney Pays $100,000 to Settle Bed Bug Lawsuit from Disneyland Hotel
May 3, 2022

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Disneyland working to expand free Aspire education program to Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College
Disneyland is in the process of partnering with California State University Fullerton and Fullerton College to offer free in-person education to Disneyland hourly employees through Disney’s Aspire program.
PUBLISHED: May 2, 2022

“The $150 million Disney Aspire program that has allowed thousands of Disneyland employees to get a free college education while taking courses online has always lacked one key thing: In-person classes.

“Disneyland currently has 4,000 employees enrolled in the Aspire program.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland Update – More Entertainment, More Construction, More Reservations
By Dusty Sage -May 2, 2022

“There’s almost too much Disneyland news for one week. But those of you who live and breathe Disney will be in heaven today. More entertainment opens during the daytime. Space Mountain news from both sides of the world. Major changes on the way to Downtown Disney and the Disneyland hotels. More on Tarzan’s Treehouse. Plus characters, construction, and more…”


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