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Another One Bites the Dust: A Fond Farewell to Beast’s Library
By Christy Weinberg -November 21, 2023

Tucked away in a corner of the Animation Building in Hollywood Land, some aren’t even aware of it. But, those who are find joy and comfort in its existence. Although they may forego a visit on a typical trip to the park, it’s enough to know it’s there. 

“If you haven’t already heard, Disney will soon be shutting the doors of this location. This is not the first time a beloved segment of the Animation Building has been nixed. Its closure follows the shutdown of Ursula’s Grotto, and the Toy Story 3D Zoetrope. Now, the public is left wondering if more closures will follow. Since the news broke, fans have been heading to the Beast’s Library in droves, lining up to get their last taste of the magic.”


Removed Play Elements Return to Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park
by Tony Betti | Nov 13, 2023
After disappearing earlier this year in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park, a new play feature that debuted with the reimagined land has returned.

After disappearing in July, mere months after debuting as part of the newly reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park, specialty play equipment has returned to Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard.

“The equipment disappeared (with no explanation or reason given) shortly after the area opened, leaving the sprinkler themed play features nowhere to be seen until recently at the park.

“The new playground-style equipment is themed to The Sprinkle Spring 5000, which is more like a spring-loaded see-saw, themed to oversize lawn sprinklers in Goofy’s yard, and debuted with the newly reimagined Mickey’s Toontown in March of this year.”

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Great Maple at Pixar Place Hotel Announces It’s Now Open
by Marshal Knight | Nov 15, 2023

“Great Maple, the new restaurant at the Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort, has announced a surprise opening date of…right now!

“The California-based modern American eatery has announced that as of this posting, the new restaurant is open for business at the Pixar Place Hotel.

“The restaurant is serving up modern takes on American classics made from scratch daily”

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Disneyland tightens pin trading rules to rein in ‘pin-sanity
The Anaheim theme park places strict limits on the decades-old cherished Disney tradition.
UPDATED: November 15, 2023

“Pin trading displays are now permitted only in the “extremely limited” designated trading area near Westward Ho Trading Company in Disneyland.

“Use of the Westward Ho pin trading area is restricted to specific times between park opening and 3 p.m. daily.

“Pin traders are permitted to bring only one pin trading bag measuring 14 by 12 by 6 inches to the park and can’t use lights or signs.

“Pin traders are prohibited from using park benches to display their pins. Disneyland has begun providing high-top tables for pin traders to use near the Westward Ho Trading Company.

“Pins can’t be traded for money, gifts, vouchers or receipts. Visitors suspected of abusing the guidelines may be removed from the park, according to the Disneyland website.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland lamppost falls and injures 3 visitors during high winds
Emergency personnel transported an elderly woman by stretcher who was struck on the head by the lamp post while another visitor sat on a park bench with a bandaged head, according to eyewitnesses.
PUBLISHED: November 20, 2023

Due to high winds, a light pole blew over on Main Street USA just before 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 20 and injured a few guests, including one who was transported to the hospital, according to Disneyland officials.

“Anaheim Fire and Rescue transported one person with serious injuries to the hospital and two other people were treated at the scene and released, according to Anaheim Fire spokesperson Sgt. Jon McClintock.

“Emergency personnel transported an elderly woman by stretcher who was struck on the head by the lamppost while another visitor sat on a park bench with a bandaged head,”

On Monday afternoon, Disneyland crews added tie-down cables to similar lampposts in Town Square and the Sleeping Beauty Castle hub to secure the poles in the high winds,”

Orange County Register

Lamppost Falls on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland Due to High Winds, Injuring Three Guests
by Luke Manning | Nov 20, 2023

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Man jumps to his death at Disneyland parking garage; Third incident in less than a year
A man jumped to his death from the Pixar Pals parking structure at the Disneyland resort as visitors were leaving the park for the evening, according to Anaheim Police.
UPDATED: November 17, 2023

“A man who jumped to his death from the Pixar Pals parking structure marks the third suicide in less than a year at the Disneyland garage complex where thousands of visitors enter and exit the Anaheim theme park resort every day.

“Anaheim Police responded to a call around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 1100 W. Magic Way of someone jumping from the Pixar Pals parking structure at the Disneyland resort,”

“If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988 on your phone or by visiting 988lifeline.org.”

Orange County Register

Breaking News: Magic Key Settlement Emails Hit Inboxes
By PhotoMatt -November 15, 2023
UPDATE 11/15/2023
Breaking News:

“If you held a Dream Key when Disney resumed selling Magic Key annual passes, you may have received an email notifying you about a Class Action Settlement. Although the notice did not provide specific dates, it does include information about available options and links to update your personal address.


Disney Honors Their Own at the Disney Experiences West Coast Service Celebration
by Doobie Moseley | Nov 17, 2023

“Each year, Disney celebrates its long-serving Cast Members, acknowledging those with tenures in multiples of five years, starting from the 10th year. The most recent event, the Disney Experiences West Coast Service Celebration, took place on November 13th at Disney California Adventure (DCA). This exclusive event honored Disneyland Resort, Imagineering, and other Disney Parks, Experiences and Products staff. For this special occasion, DCA closed early and underwent transformations to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. While I had heard about these Service Celebrations from friends, this year, I had the unique opportunity to attend, thanks to an invitation from Disney. I was able to witness the festivities firsthand and talk to some of the over 2,500 dedicated individuals honored on this night.”

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Disneyland Update: Exciting Openings, Maintenance Concerns, Holiday Crush & Pin Rules
By Mike Kindrich -November 13, 2023

“The holiday season has officially begun at the Disneyland Resort! While many of the offerings remain the same, there are a few new additions to see this year including a beautiful love letter to Walt Disney, the new Adventureland Treehouse. There’s also a new mid-century-style stage in Downtown Disney that’s worth checking out. Plus, we have interesting news from the Jungle (Cruise, that is), a look at Toontown’s continuing struggles, and lots and lots of beautiful photos and videos. Join us as we embark on a festive (if a bit frustrating) look at Disneyland!”


DISNEYLAND UPDATE: So Far Left To Go – Iger’s Year, Iconic Birthdays & Holiday Shifts
By MiceChat Staff -November 20, 2023

“It’s been one year since Bob Iger returned to Disney and began the process of fixing all the things Bob Chapek broke. And while there have been many changes big and small, things still feel different in the Disney Parks, including Disneyland. In this Disneyland Update before Thanksgiving, we’ll take a look at current park conditions and projects. There’s some hopeful news this week, and also some head-scratchers. We also ask for your thoughts on what would make the park experience more joyful again.”


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