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Disneyland sells out of Oogie Boogie Bash tickets in 12 hours after ‘nightmare’ sales launch
Oogie Boogie Bash will run once again on 25 select nights in September and October at Disney California Adventure.
PUBLISHED: July 12, 2023

“Oogie Boogie Bash fans who waited 12 hours in a ‘nightmare’ virtual queue to buy tickets only to experience online system errors and find all the dates sold out fumed on social media about Disneyland’s ‘epic fail.’

“Disneyland sold out of every available date for Oogie Boogie Bash in September and October on the first day tickets went on sale to the general public on Tuesday, July 11.”

Orange County Register

Oogie Boogie Bash 2023 Dates Completely Sold Out for Disneyland Resort Event
by Mike Celestino | Jul 11, 2023

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DISNEYLAND GUIDE: San Fransokyo Square in Disney California Adventure!
By Dusty Sage -July 14, 2023

“San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6 is taking over the Pacific Wharf area of Disney California Adventure. The updated land will open in phases beginning July of 2023, with an official opening day of August 31, 2023. It will include a character meet and greet for Baymax and friends, refreshed theme throughout the land, and new menus in the restaurants.”


Disneyland reveals new details about the Adventureland Treehouse
The new backstory for the rethemed Disneyland attraction finds the treehouse serving as a home to a family of five — each with a unique gift that helps them survive in the jungle.
PUBLISHED: July 18, 2023

“A family of five who possess magical and unique gifts that help them survive life in the jungle will soon be moving into the Adventureland Treehouse once Disneyland completes a two-year makeover of the 80-foot-tall man-made tree.”

Orange County Register

Imagineer Kim Irvine Shares Details About The New Adventureland Treehouse with Disney Parks Around The Globe Travelers
by Tony Betti | Jul 11, 2023

“The Adventureland Treehouse will showcase wonderous new environments created amongst the branches of a giant tree on the shores of the Jungle River, where guests will once again enter by the giant waterwheel and follow the wood rope stairways up, up, up into the boughs.

“Here, you will find fascinating rooms that the family in this new story created for one another. From the mother’s music den (as depicted in the concept art above) and the young sons’ nature room to the teenage daughter’s astronomer’s loft, all things are fashioned from found objects, natural resources, and pure ingenuity.

“For those who would rather stay on terra firma, the bottom floor will showcase an ingenious kitchen and dining room, along with the father’s art studio, displaying hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each of the rooms.”

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Video: Disneyland Celebrates 68th Birthday With Traditional Anniversary Moment and Character Cavalcade
by Tony Betti | Jul 17, 2023

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Stars of Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” Surprise Guests at the Classic Disneyland Attraction
by Mike Mack | Jul 15, 2023

“LaKeith Stanfield, Jamie Lee Curtis and Owen Wilson became Cast Members for the day at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland to surprise guests.

“The three stars of the new film, Haunted Mansion, ushered foolish mortals into the iconic stretching room and into their Doom Buggies.”

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Walt Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine Teases New Magic Coming to The Haunted Mansion Attraction at Disneyland
by Mike Celestino | Jul 11, 2023

“Walt Disney Imagineering’s Director of Concept Design Kim Irvine spoke about her history with The Haunted Mansion, and teased the addition of new magic to the attraction.

“Kim Irvine is the daughter of Disney animator Harvey Toombs (Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, and others) and Imagineer Leota Toombs, who played the face of fortune-teller Madame Leota in The Haunted Mansion, as well as the voice of ‘Little Leota’ at the end of the attraction. Kim filled in for her mother in the role for the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay.”

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Photos: Elements From Goofy’s How-To-Playhouse Already Removed While Donald’s Boat Has Yet To Open in Mickey’s Toontown
by Tony Betti | Jul 10, 2023

“Though the newly renovated Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park only opened earlier this year, regular visitors to the land that toons built are quickly noticing that new experiences as part of the renovation from Goofy’s Bounce House/Goofy’s Playhouse, now Goofy’s How-To-Playhouse, have already been removed.

“New playground-style equipment that was installed as part of the new experience has been removed with no replacement to be seen. The Sprinkle Spring 5000s, more like a spring-loaded see-saw, themed to oversize lawn sprinklers in Goofy’s yard, are no longer available.”

“No date to splash in Donald’s Boat area has been released at this time and no official word has been shared on the return of the removed play equipment at Goofy’s House.”

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Disneyland replaces ‘Fantasmic’ with floating jazz band while 45-foot dragon is repaired
The Jambalaya Jazz band will perform nightly on the Rivers of America starting July 21 while the 'Fantasmic' nighttime spectacular is on hiatus.
UPDATED: July 20, 2023

“The Jambalaya Jazz band will perform nightly on the Rivers of America starting on Friday, July 21 while Disneyland crews work to repair the 45-foot-tall ‘Fantasmic’ animatronic dragon that burst into flames during a performance of the nighttime spectacular in April.”

“The New Orleans Square musical act that typically provides atmosphere entertainment during the day along the Rivers of America waterfront will move onto a river raft for three shows per night.

“Jambalaya Jazz will perform nightly at 7:35 p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 9:05 p.m. aboard a raft on the man-made river encircling Tom Sawyer Island.

“The river-bound Jambalaya Jazz performances of high-energy New Orleans tunes and familiar Disney songs are expected to continue through at least Halloween.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland News: Queenie and the Jambalaya Jazz Band Return & Entertainment News
By Christy Weinberg -July 18, 2023


Tue, July 18, 2023
New ‘Disney Junior & Friends Playdate’ Event Coming to Disneyland Resort August 18-20
by Gabriel Gibaldi, Public Relations Director

“‘Disney Junior & Friends Playdate,’ a three-day event celebrating the magical, entertaining and music-filled stories of Disney Junior’s hit series, will bring the magic straight to preschoolers and their families at Disney California Adventure park on Friday, August 18, and at Downtown Disney District on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.”

Disney Parks Blog

Disney Junior & Friends Playdate Event Coming to the Disneyland Resort August 18th-20th
by Luke Manning | Jul 18, 2023

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Disney extends CEO Bob Iger’s contract through 2026
In a statement, Iger said he believed Disney’s “long-term future is incredibly bright”
PUBLISHED: July 12, 2023
By Thomas Buckley

“Under the new arrangement, Iger will remain CEO through Dec. 31, 2026, the company said Wednesday in a statement.

“Iger, 72, returned to run the entertainment giant in November after previously serving as CEO for 15 years. At the time, he was given a two-year deal expiring in December 2024. In addition to improving Disney’s profitability, he was charged with helping to find his replacement, a critical process for any company, but one that the company has bungled in recent years.”

Orange County Register

Disney workers could receive $20 a hour following court ruling
The state appellate court 'has carried out the intentions of the Anaheim voter.,' said an attorney for employees of the resort
UPDATED: July 17, 2023

“Disney cast members could see their pay increased to nearly $20 an hour following a California appellate court ruling this week that found the resort illegally skirted a 2018 voter-approved living wage measure.

“Measure L required businesses that receive subsidies from Anaheim to raise wages to at least $15 an hour in 2019, with $1 annual increases through 2022 and cost-of-living hikes after that.

“Cast members sued in 2019, arguing the measure applied to Disney, but the company had failed to follow it.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland Resort Cast Members Could See Wage Increase To $20 After Court Ruling
by Tony Betti | Jul 16, 2023

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She picks through Disneyland trash with one goal: Zero waste by 2030
Disneyland's Environmental Integration team uses food waste studies to find ways to persuade visitors and employees to think about what they throw away and how they can recycle it.
PUBLISHED: July 10, 2023

“Disneyland Environmental Integration Manager Lotus Thai picks through trash at the Anaheim theme park all in the name of science and in search of an elusive goal: Reaching zero waste to area landfills by 2030.”

“Disneyland has long had two side-by-side trash bins in the parks. The “Trash” cans say “No Food or Recyclables” on the bin with pictographs indicating that plastic utensils, potato chip bags and kids’ juice boxes belong in the bin. The “Mixed Recycling” cans say “Cans, Glass, Plastic, Paper” under a smaller slot for refuse.

“In a few locations, Disneyland has been testing out “Food Only” cans labeled “Fruit, Meats, Desserts” with images of a half-eaten hamburger, apple and turkey leg on the side of the bin.”

“One thing Disneyland’s trash sifting scientists have learned from all these waste studies is that they prefer bulk condiment stations with paper portion cups over condiment packets because that gets the park closer to zero waste. Ultimately, the goal is to make recycling less confusing and find products that are better for the environment.”

“Disneyland sends the food scraps collected outside the Galactic Grill and other eateries to a recycling plant that heats, filters, cleans and ultimately reduces the leftovers to an oatmeal-like powder that smells like graham crackers without the cinnamon. The powder is sold to farmers who shake it on animal feed like nutritional yeast – and ultimately helps Disneyland reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill and achieve its goal of achieving a formal zero waste certification.”

Orange County Register

Disneyland Update: Summer Crowd Collapse, Haunted Happenings & Another Year Older!
By Nathan Villamor -July 10, 2023

“Are you ready for a summer shocker? Disneyland is enjoyably uncrowded… on certain days of the week! In today’s Disneyland Update, we’ll talk all about the new summer phenomenon and why now’s the best time to make a trip to the parks. Plus, we’ll catch up on the latest news from around the resort, including a look at the menus coming to San Fransokyo. And as a special thank you, we wanted to give a shout-out to everyone that attended our first official MiceChat meetup in years yesterday, and we’ve got some exciting news to share about that at the end of today’s article. Let’s see what Disneyland has to offer this week…”


Disneyland Update – Iger’s Tightrope, Mansion Mania & 68 Years of Magic!
By MiceChat Staff -July 17, 2023

“Welcome, Disneyland devotees! Put on your Mouseketeer ears and join us on the 68th birthday of Walt Disney’s original magical kingdom of Disneyland. There’s ‘good?’ news as we find out that Bob Iger will continue his journey for an extra 2 years, allowing many more sunrises for him to secure a successor. Speaking of sunrises, remember to slather on your SPF as the SoCal sun’s been throwing a heatwave party of its own! But fear not, since the scorching summer sun seems to be keeping the crowd levels comfortably low for those of us daring enough to venture out. The Haunted Mansion is enjoying a well-deserved moment in the spotlight, basking in the eerie glow of its upcoming film. We were at the premiere and have some photos and videos you won’t want to miss. Progress is buzzing at the upcoming San Fransokyo overlay of Disney California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf, opening in stages through August 31st. We also have a culinary surprise for you as we got to take a first taste of the new fusion menus! So let’s strike up the band, because this special Disneyland Update is marching your way…”


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