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Show Notes for Episode 264

In this episode we welcome Disney Historian and Author Jim Korkis. Jim talks with us about some former Disneyland attractions and more! Plus the latest in the Disneyland  Resort Current Events. Get Jim's new book and more on Amazon Jim Korkis

​Disneyland Resort Current Event

Disneyland Update – A Most Unusual Birthday
By Dusty Sage - July 15, 2019

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Guests of the Disneyland Resort are enjoying some absolutely amazing days in the parks. Beautiful (if a bit hot) weather, historically low crowd levels for summer, and a massive brand new land to explore without long waits!

Unfortunately, significantly lower than expected crowd levels are now resulting in staffing cuts throughout the resort. And to make matters worse, the highly anticipated Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction has been delayed until January of 2020."


Happy Birthday Disneyland – 64 Years Magical – Celebration Details
July 16, 2019
“To All Who Come To This Happy Place, Welcome!”


Wed, July 17, 2019
Disneyland Celebrates 64 Years of Magic
by Michael Ramirez

"As part of the tribute to opening day, a recording of Walt Disney’s speech was played again: 'To all who come to this happy place, welcome! Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.'"

Disney Parks Blog

Disneyland’s Splash Mountain marks 30 wet years on Wednesday, July 17
Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter says the idea for the plume ride came to him while he was stuck in rush-hour traffic.
By Marla Jo Fisher
PUBLISHED: July 16, 2019 at 4:53 pm | UPDATED: July 16, 2019 at 5:05 pm

"That’s a date that Ken Pellman will never forget. As a teenager, he and his friends hung relentlessly around the new Splash Mountain attraction under construction, which hadn’t even opened yet. He watched with fascination, and even persuaded Tony Baxter once to allow him to go on a test ride."

Orange County Register

Wed, July 17, 2019
Today in Disney History: Splash Mountain Opened at Disneyland Park in 1989
Michael Ramirez

Disney Parks Blog

DELAYED – Star Wars Rise of the Resistance
July 11, 2019

"Star Wars land will continue on without its headline attraction until January 17th, 2020. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the complicated mega attraction, is suffering technical issues and has been pushed back at Disneyland.

The Florida version of Rise of the Resistance has benefited from being a few months behind the Disneyland construction schedule and was able to avoid some of the issues of its counterpoint. The Hollywood Studios attraction should open on December 5th. "


Disneyland announces Rise of the Resistance ride won’t open at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until 2020
July 11, 2019

Orange County Register

Disneyland’s second Star Wars land ride is delayed until January
By Hugo Martin
Jul 11, 2019
"Disneyland announced Thursday that the second attraction at its new Star Wars land won’t open til Jan. 17 — after the peak winter holiday season.

The Anaheim theme park had previously said the Rise of the Resistance ride would open this year."

LA Times

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge becomes a live-in video game with the Disney Parks app
By Todd Martens
July 8, 2019

"Nestled inside the 1-year-old Play Disney Parks mobile app is an exploration-encouraging experience called the Star Wars Datapad. Largely a home to mini-puzzles and short quests that can only be activated while inside Disneyland’s recently opened 14-acre area, the Datapad not only fleshes out the Galaxy’s Edge back story but also contains an ongoing game for control of the land itself.

With no tutorial, and the occasional crash-inducing bug, it took me about 60 minutes to get a handle on everything the app can do — it essentially becomes an attraction that uses the land as a giant game board."

LA Times

Disneyland is tracking guests and generating big profits doing it
By Austin Carr
July 15, 2019

"To keep the parks running with extreme efficiency and learn ever more about guests, Disney monitors usage of its smartphone apps and electronic wrist-worn MagicBand. The resulting data could include the rides families frequent, the characters kids and parents are most drawn to and the television and film merchandise into which their dollars are funneled.

It wasn’t always this way. Just a decade ago, Disney relied on paper tickets and old-school turnstiles, and, for the most part, didn’t know that much more about resort customers than those who came to the park’s opening 64 years ago this week. Finally recognizing the growth of social media and mobile phones late last decade, the company embarked on a $1-billion digital transformation of Disney World with the MagicBand, a gizmo that can hold your place in line, make payments and unlock a hotel room door.

This journey has been fraught at times — and not just because Disney overspent on a wearable device that was quickly displaced by phones. In 2013, in the early days of the MagicBand, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger was at loggerheads with Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) — the privacy advocate who’s now a U.S. senator and recently introduced an internet bill of rights — over how the system would monitor children’s whereabouts and interests within Disney World. (Iger argued that the program was entirely opt-in and that location data was only collected in aggregate. Iger called Markey’s privacy concerns “ludicrous and utterly ill-informed.”) Even Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, a Disney board member at the time, once asked whether the MagicBand could track her own kids."

LA Times

Thu, July 18, 2019
1 Millionth Rider on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park
Michael Ramirez

"Since opening on May 31, visitors to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland park have had the opportunity to step inside the largest single-themed land in Disney Parks history. Guests are raving about many immersive experiences to explore on the remote planet of Batuu, including blasting across the galaxy aboard Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – already one of the Disneyland Resort’s top-rated attractions.

Earlier this week, we welcomed the one millionth member of Hondo Ohnaka’s flight crew to take the controls of the Millennium Falcon!
Disney cast members who helped make the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge a success were on hand to welcome the Ridgeway family from Ocean Springs, Miss. Jonathan Ridgeway, 8, climbed aboard the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” along with mom Becky, dad Roger and brother Logan, 4.

The family spent some time in the ship’s main hold and lounge, where they sat at the famous Dejarik table and met a surprise guest, Chewbacca. Then, Jonathan settled into the cockpit as a co-pilot of the Falcon. Afterwards, the family was treated to Blue and Green Milk for a celebratory toast!"

Disney Parks Blog

Disneyland says 1 million people have ridden its Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride
July 19, 2019

Orange County Register

Police investigate Disneyland brawl after video surfaces
Associated Press
Jul 11, 2019

"A newly released video capturing a family's brawl at Disneyland this weekend has prompted police to reopen their investigation into the fight, authorities said Monday.

Officers were called to the theme park on Saturday to help break up the melee, which began between a brother and sister but quickly involved other family members, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

The video, which was getting attention after being posted to YouTube on Sunday, shows a woman appearing to spit in her brother's face in Mickey's Toontown. It quickly escalated to blows and hair-pulling as several people were knocked to the ground over the course of nearly five minutes."

LA Times

O.C. prosecutors reviewing video of family brawl at Disneyland for possible charges
By Hannah Fry
Jul 10, 2019

"Orange County prosecutors are reviewing video of a violent brawl that broke out among family members at Disneyland over the weekend to determine whether criminal charges should be filed, authorities said Wednesday.

Anaheim police presented their case to the Orange County district attorney’s office Tuesday. If county prosecutors decide to file felony charges, they also will take on any associated misdemeanor counts that could be lodged in the case, D.A.’s spokeswoman Kimberly Edds said."

LA Times

Disney calls Abigail Disney’s remarks about workers’ pay ‘gross and unfair’
By Christopher Palmeri
July 17, 2019

"A feud between Walt Disney Co. and the granddaughter of co-founder Roy Disney is getting more heated.

The Burbank entertainment giant slammed remarks by Abigail Disney after she went to Disneyland and said conditions for park employees were bleak.

The documentary filmmaker has previously criticized the compensation given to Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger, who is routinely one of the highest-paid corporate chieftains in the U.S."

LA Times

'I was so livid': Disney heiress visits theme park to see worker conditions
Yahoo News
Rebecca Corey
July 15, 2019


Disney Responds to Disneyland Working Conditions Claims by Disney Heiress
By Dusty Sage - July 17, 2019

"A Disney spokesperson has responded to questions regarding Disneyland cast member working conditions in response to scathing criticism from Disney family heiress Abigail Disney:"


Tue, July 9, 2019
‘Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade’ Starts Limited Run at Disneyland Park July 18
Shawn Slater

"For a very limited time this summer, Mickey Mouse and his friends are joining the world-famous Disneyland Band for special performances of 'Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade.'

This delightful procession, featuring live music and a host of favorite Disney characters, takes place twice daily along the parade route at Disneyland park. The march steps off in grand style, complete with colorfully adorned Main Street, U.S.A. vehicles, and continues through the park with stops for special show moments where guests can dance and clap along with their fantastic friends.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will be there, along with Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and a parade of rarely seen Disney characters. Some of the beloved Disney friends who could appear in the cavalcade from day to day may include Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Genie and Aladdin, King Louie, Terk, Marie and more. You never know who you might see!

“Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade” starts July 18 at Disneyland Park and only runs through August 1, so come and check it out while you have the chance."

Disney Parks Blog

Band-Tastic Cavalcade brings a parade of Disney characters to Main Street U.S.A. for a brief Disneyland run
July 12, 2019

Orange County Register

Thu, July 11, 2019
GCH Craftsman Bar & Grill Now Open at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at Disneyland Resort
Valerie Lee

"Nearby, White Water Snacks has been renamed GCH Craftsman Grill. Nourish your appetite throughout the day with a hearty array of selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re in a hurry to get back to the parks, consider this restaurant’s grab ‘n’ go fare, such as beverages, salads, snacks and sweets.
The GCH Craftsman Bar & Grill are both located in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and ready for your next visit."

Disney Parks Blog

Disneyland Merchandise Update: Find Your Laughing Place
By Natalie Kipper - July 7, 2019


Disneyland Resort Update: The California Shake, Shake, Shake
By Brian Pinsky - July 8, 2019


The Joy of Rumors and Table-Service in Galaxy’s Edge
By Shelly Valladolid - July 9, 2019

"When Star Wars Land was first announced, a table-service restaurant was among the proposed delights of the land. The Orange County Register described it this way: 

Documents reveal that there appears to be one large sit-down and table service restaurant. The restaurant – yet to be named or themed – appears in the middle of the land. Based on plans, it appears to be larger than the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The restaurant would have had some sort of show element, animatronics and a bar with characters swimming in it. 

It was cut from the budget shortly after the Bantha ride was removed, and only the Cantina, a separate establishment, remained. Oga’s Cantina was such a massive hit, Disney knew that they had to find a way to entertain the overflow – making guests happy and a nice profit for the Parks division. It’s been fast-tracked for Phase 2, which is after Phase 1 is completed with the opening of Rise of the Resistance. I’ve heard that it’s going to be more of a Sonny Eclipse-like continuous show (you WDW fans will know what I mean) than a timed show with a beginning, middle and ending. I think this is a good idea."


Disneyland Implements Hiring Freeze and Cutbacks
By Dusty Sage - July 10, 2019

"UPDATED: 7/10 8:30pm – We have received some additional perspectives on this story from sources at Disney. In interest of providing balance, we have included those comments at the bottom of this story.  

Things are getting serious at Disneyland where a hiring freeze and budget cuts have just been implemented in response to low summer attendance.  

All departments have been asked to cut labor hours and make other cuts as necessary. The park had staffed up for the expected huge crowds for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When those crowds didn’t appear, Disney unblocked Cast Member admissions and launched discounted pass holder tickets."


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