In this episode we have an interview that we did for someone else on Disneyland Fandom and social media in the early days. Plus latest in Disneyland Resort Current Events.

 Disneyland Resort Current Event

Iconic Disney roller coaster California Screamin’ will close next month, then reopen with a new

name and theme 

"Its last day of operation will be Jan. 7, when it will close along with much of its surrounding

Paradise Pier.

This remake will keep the existing structure, but add new elements themed to the superhero family

of characters from the popular Incredibles movie, which has a sequel coming out in summer 2018."

Orange County Register

Disneyland YouTube Preview

Disneyland hit by power outage on one of its busiest days

"A jam-packed Disneyland closed its gates to new arrivals for four hours Wednesday [Dec 27]  after a blown transformer knocked out power to large sections of Fantasyland and Toontown.

It’s hard to imagine a worse time for a power outage at the park, on one of the busiest days of the year, with both football teams playing in the Rose Bowl visiting the resort, along with groups in town for the holidays.

Power went out around 11 a.m. in Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown, and riders had to be escorted off the It’s a Small World attraction. No one was injured, according to Elva Rubalcava, and surrounding areas were not affected.

Disneyland does have emergency generators, but they aren’t typically used to operate rides."

Orange County Register

The power went out on a crowded day at Disneyland and visitors are not happy 

Orange County Register

Disneyland candymaker dies after 43 years of making sweet memories

"If you ever stopped and peeked into the window of the Candy Palace sweet shop on Disneyland’s Main Street, you’ve

likely seen candy maker Rob McHargue, who spent 43 years there devoted to the craft of sugary treats.

Wearing the signature candymaker‘s white uniform with striped bandana, he became something of a legend at the park,

not only because of his dedication to his craft, but also because of his kindly nature and attention to visitors, especially

the kids whose eyes lit up when they saw his candy.

McHargue died suddenly of natural causes on Dec. 2, according to his brother Mike, shortly after taking a short vacation from his job making seasonal candy canes for Disneyland’s most dedicated fans, who wait in lines sometimes for hours to get one."

Orange County Register

Farewell to the Candy Cane Man 
by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
"As the popularity of Disneyland's freshly made candy canes has exploded in recent years, so too has risen the profile of master candy maker Rob McHargue. With his grandfatherly demeanor and generous smile, McHargue was a fixture of Disneyland's Candy Palace for over 40 years, and never more so than at Christmas, when his candy cane-striped neckerchief matched the colors of his most popular confection.

Last week, I received the sad news that McHargue had passed away. He leaves a legacy at Disneyland that few individual cast members can match."

Mouse Planet

Grizzly Peak undergoing extended refurbishment

Disney Parks Blog

Aerial photos of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland

Disney Parks Blog

Star Wars Special For Both Coasts

"I will leave it to other writers to bring you more complete Star Wars coverage and promise that this update will be as spoiler-free about The Last Jedi as any of the movie trailers have been, will be spoiler-free about the surprises of 'Secrets of the Empire,' and will reveal just the details about the new lands announced by the creative team."

Mouse Planet

20 pieces of vintage Disneyland were auctioned off and here’s what people paid for them 

Orange County Register

8 reasons why tourism matters in Orange County
By Jonathan Lansner

Orange County Register

Disneyland Update – Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

"Splitzville, the under-construction bowling alley and sushi restaurant, had a fire on Saturday evening. Thankfully, it appears that the fire was contained to a dumpster and no significant damage was done to any buildings. By Sunday morning, there was no visible sign of Saturday night’s excitement."


Disneyland Update – Even MORE Star Wars in Tomorrowland

"From inside the park, you can see the construction clearly from the train, river boats, along the banks of New Orleans Square, and from ToonTown."


Disneyland Resort Update – Tis The Season for Crowds and Construction


Disneyland Update: Top 10 Holiday Picks


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