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Show Notes for Episode 205

Ray was only the second Custodial Manager to take charge of the department. Starting in 1964 to 2011, he was a part of the Custodial department at Disneyland. From his early days of bussing tables to finally the top Custodial Manager in 1981, he helped develop the Custodial department as we know it today and, helped open WDW, Disneyland Paris, and much more. This man has so many stories to tell, so this is just one part of what we hope will be many more to come. Enjoy! 

Disneyland Resort Current Event

Ken's column on the retirement of Ray Sidejas, guest on this episode of The Sweep Spot:

Laughing Place

Marvel Land News Extra: Construction Update


Disneyland Resort Photo Update: Tower of Pipes
(In addition to Guardians of the Galaxy attraction photos, this is also a general update)


DCA Update – Tower of Highly Reflective Objects


Disneyland's Autopia adds storyline with robots on a camping road trip

"A new storyline has been added to Disneyland’s classic attraction Autopia featuring two robotic characters on a camping road trip.

They are the robotic characters of ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), developed by Honda, and “Bird,” a robotic buddy."

Orange County Register

Disneyland Update – Honk If You Love Autopia
"Disney claims that Bird is the “first character created especially for this attraction.” But those who have been on this ride in the past know that there were lots of car characters created for the previous version when it was sponsored by Chevron. Dusty, Sparky and Suzy (the three car characters created for the Chevron version of the attraction) would beg to differ with Disney Marketing."
(In addition to the Autopia changes, this is also a general Disneyland update.)


Disneyland Photo Update – Pirates Fabulous at 50


Star Wars Land News: Will MaxPass Lock You Out?


Can Disneyland eliminate standing in line?

"Disney introduced its Fastpass system in 1999, opening the era of Fast Lane, Flash Pass, Quick Queue, Express Pass, and countless other line skipping systems at competing parks across the country. But none of those schemes completely eliminated lines. They just allowed people to skip to the front of them by claiming a return time, paying a fee or buying a certain vacation package. And that left everyone else in the standby queue to face an even longer wait.

The hard fact is that the only way to eliminate a line is for no one to want to get into it."

Orange County Register

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