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Disneyland cleans every skull, mummy and snake in Indiana Jones Adventure refurbishment
Walt Disney Imagineering adds ‘touches of new magic’ with two new projection scenes in the classic Adventureland dark ride.
By Brady MacDonald
PUBLISHED: March 16, 2023

“The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction will reopen on Friday, March 17 after an extensive renovation by the Disneyland operations and facility services teams along with Walt Disney Imagineering.

“I got to ride Indiana Jones Adventure a few times on Thursday, March 16 before the attraction reopened to the public and found my favorite Disneyland ride fully restored to its glory days.”

“Imagineering ‘plussed up’ the ride with two new digital effects scenes designed to demonstrate the power of Mara, the antagonist deity within the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at the center of the story unfolding in the attraction.

“‘Our additions to Indiana Jones Adventure add touches of new magic that enhance its already established storyline,’ Imagineering executive creative director Kim Irvine said in a statement released by Disneyland. ‘Mara taunts guests even further with a powerful, electric-like energy and frenetic apparitions. This force of Mara turns a possible passageway escape into a rubble of dust.’

“No new storylines were introduced into the Disneyland attraction from the upcoming
‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ film debuting in theaters in June.”

“The exterior queue has been re-landscaped, the interior queue has been repainted and the bamboo supports in the queue tunnels have been replaced. Interactive elements in the queue like the rope in the well that visitors can pull are working again.

“A few effects that fans remember from the early days of the attraction are likely never coming back. The rotating trio of doors that determined the fate of riders at the beginning of the attraction still don’t shift back and forth like they once did — proving too problematic to be worth the trouble.”

Orange County Register

Indiana Jones Adventure Reopens at Disneyland Refreshed with New Digital Effects
Mar 17, 2023

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Essential Disneyland ToonTown Guide – Rides, Food, Shopping & More!
March 17, 2023

“A reimagined ToonTown is almost ready for its zany debut at Disneyland. Your MiceChat pals were able to take a peak behind the construction walls and share the details with you. Here’s everything you need to know about the new ToonTown.”


Disneyland reopens Mickey’s Toontown with a more welcoming, playful and calming vibe
Walt Disney Imagineering offers the media a hard hat construction tour of Mickey's Toontown ahead of the grand reopening this weekend.
By Brady MacDonald
PUBLISHED: March 17, 2023

“Mickey’s Toontown should feel more welcoming, playful and calming with less pavement, dead spaces and cartoon intensity when the kid-centric themed land at the back of Disneyland returns after a yearlong makeover.”

“Imagineering wants the new Mickey’s Toontown to be a place for kids ages 3 to 9 and their parents to blow off steam, chill out and decompress after a busy day at Disneyland.

“The colors have been toned down and the cartoon intensity has been turned down — or should we say ‘tooned down.’”

“At first glance, Toontown feels largely unchanged. For the most part, everything is still in the same place. The ends of the land continue to be anchored by Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin and a kiddie roller coaster with Toontown City Hall, Donald’s Boat and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy’s houses in between.

“But Imagineering has introduced plenty of new details both obvious and subtle. For starters, the whole place has gotten a fresh coat of paint in what seems like the first time in 30 years. The entire land that was once a swath of pavement is much greener — thanks to more real trees and plenty of artificial grass. And everything seems more inviting and engaging — from the placemaking to the storytelling.”

“Toontown has been going through a phased reopening with the new Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway debuting in January and EngineEar Souvenirs opening about a week ago. Curious visitors have gotten a peek at the fresh, new look of Toontown as the facades were revealed for Toontown City Hall and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin — with the 1994 dark ride still closed until the full land returns.

“When the rest of the construction walls come down, Disneylanders will find a lot more green space designed for families who want to relax, hang out and maybe even have a picnic. Good Boy Grocers will sell souvenir picnic baskets and blankets for families that want to feast on the artificial turf — one of the rare places Disneyland will let visitors stand or sit on the ‘grass.’

“Shade trees and green turf will welcome visitors across from the Roger Rabbit dark ride, in front of Mickey and Minnie’s houses and in the new Popcorn Park where Chip ‘n’ Dale’s treehouse and ball pit once stood.”

“Another big change will be an evening lighting package — something Toontown lacked because the land used to close around dusk for fireworks. Imagineering has added Tivoli lights in front of Toontown City Hall and lanterns in the new Dreaming Tree play area. While Toontown will still close for fireworks, the land will reopen after the pyrotechnics show for visitors anxious to ride the new Runaway Railway or grab a late night snack at Cafe Daisy.”

“The Centoonial Park fountain with Mickey holding Minnie aloft like a ballerina doubles as a kinetic centerpiece and interactive water play area. A 30-minute loop of water, light and music effects will play throughout the day with the fountain providing a “goodnight kiss” moment during nighttime shows for kids too tired to stick around for the Disneyland fireworks show.

“Goofy’s House is still standing – but it now serves as the centerpiece of the new Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard.

“Inside Goofy’s House is a Rube Goldberg-style contraption where kids get to sort candy by color and flavor. Outside is a sound garden with a musical bridge and stepping tones. In the backyard, kids can climb on and explore Fort Max.”

“Donald’s Boat is still next door but you can’t go inside or up on the deck anymore because the ship is now ‘flooding from the inside’ in a fun twist from Imagineering. Donald’s Boat now serves as a water play area where kids can get soaked while playing bubble games and running through water jets.

“The former Gadget Go Coaster has a slightly new look, backstory and name as Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Gadget Coaster. A larger-than-life Chip shoots water through a giant straw over the coaster track into a cup held by Dale. Gadget – the quirky inventor mouse friend of the anthropomorphic chipmunks – stands near the coaster lift hill.”

Orange County Register

New Chip & Dale Figures Added to Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster in Mickey’s Toontown
Mar 17, 2023

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Disneyland rebuilds Mickey’s Toontown from the ground up for kids with special needs
Kids with physical, developmental, behavioral, emotional and sensory disorders and disabilities will find Mickey’s Toontown a welcoming, playful and calming place.
By Brady MacDonald
PUBLISHED: March 17, 2023

“Walt Disney Imagineering has designed the refreshed Mickey’s Toontown returning on Sunday, March 17 at the Anaheim theme park with an eye toward removing as many barriers to play as possible and creating experiences for kids with differing needs and abilities.

“Special needs kids with physical, developmental, behavioral, emotional and sensory disorders and disabilities will find Mickey’s Toontown a welcoming, playful and calming place.”

“The curb-free Toontown will have wheelchair accessible ramps and pathways where kids can roll without obstacles or barriers.

“The Centoonial Park fountain at the center of the land will have interactive play areas with water tables at lower heights for children’s wheelchairs.

“The new Dreaming Tree inspired by the place where Walt Disney daydreamed as a boy in his hometown of Marceline, Missouri will have wheelchair pathways through a maze of sculpted undulating roots.

“The Fort Max elevated play area will have a ramp so kids can reach the overlook outpost. Nearby, a roller slide down an embankment hill will have a dedicated landing area where kids will have time to get back in their wheelchairs without pressure to get out of the way for the next slider.”

Orange County Register

Toontown Set to Reopen wtih a Thoughful Focus on Disneyland’s Smallest Guests
by Ben Breitbart | Mar 17, 2023

Laughing Place

Disneyland turns prop candy into real lollipops, chocolates and sour chews as life imitates art
Disneyland's merchandising team turns prop candy in the Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway queue into real treats sold in Mickey's Toontown with plans to expand the line of El Capitoon concessions.
By Brady MacDonald
PUBLISHED: March 17, 2023

“Disneyland is turning the fictional sweets and treats that make reference to Disney cartoon shorts, TV shows and movies in the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway queue into real lollipops, chocolate and sour candies that visitors can buy and eat.

“Life imitates art when Disneyland begins selling Golly Pops, Scrooge McDuck’s chocolate coins and Power Limes sour candy chews on Sunday, March 19 at the new EngineEar Souvenirs gift shop during the grand reopening of Mickey’s Toontown at the Anaheim theme park.

“Disneyland’s merchandising team turned the Runaway Railway prop candy into real treats sold in Toontown with plans to expand the line of El Capitoon concessions.”

Orange County Register

Power Limes and Runaway Railway Train Set Headline Toontown Merchandise Line
Mar 17, 2023

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See inside fireworks control room where Disneyland launches 50-foot flames from castle
A new behind-the-scenes video shows footage of the 'Wondrous Journeys' control room and how Disneyland technicians prepare for the fireworks show.
By Brady MacDonald
PUBLISHED: March 15, 2023

“The behind-the-scenes tour led by Disney Live Entertainment Principal Media Designer KC Wilkerson starts in a backstage control room where a bank of 24 video screens lining an entire wall show every possible angle of ‘Wondrous Journeys.’

“During a typical show, three to four technicians work at desktop stations in the control room to monitor lighting, audio, video and other special effects in real time as the show is occurring.”

Orange County Register

Tenaya Stone Spa Introduces New Sunrise Yoga and Spa Treatments at the Disneyland Resort
Mar 16, 2023

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Disney Imagineering legend Rolly Crump dies at 93
By City News Service
UPDATED: March 14, 2023

“Crump died Sunday at his home in Carlsbad at age 93, according to The Walt Disney Co.

“A native of Alhambra, Crump joined Disney in 1952 as a “dipper” in a ceramic factory, working on weekends building sewer manholes to make ends meet. He eventually joined Disney Animation, where he worked as an assistant animator and contributed to films including ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty.’”

Orange County Register

Appreciation: How the ‘worst’ artist Walt Disney ever hired shaped Disneyland forever
Rolly Crump, who has died at 93, helped create three of Disneyland's most beloved attractions: It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room.
By Brady MacDonald
UPDATED: March 14, 2023.

“His big break came when a playful propeller exhibit Crump set up in the studio library caught Walt Disney’s eye. In 1959, Crump moved to WED Enterprises — the precursor to Walt Disney Imagineering — to help bring to life the new Disneyland attractions the boss was dreaming up.”

“The Rolo Rumkin tombstone in the Haunted Mansion graveyard pays tribute to Crump with the inscription: Rolo Rumkin lived and died a friendly bumpkin.

“During a break from Imagineering, Crump designed the original Knott’s Bear-y Tales dark ride that opened in 1975. A new 4-D interactive dark ride that pays tribute to the original Bear-y Tales attraction opened in 2021 at the Buena Park theme park.”

Orange County Register

Remembering Disney Legend Rolly Crump
By Shelly Valladolid -March 13, 2023

“It’s always hard when an integral aspect of Disney history passed on. It’s with a heavy heart that we learned of Disney Legend Rolly Crump’s passing. We are honoring his legacy and contribution to the magic of Disney. Disneyland wouldn’t be the same without Rolly’s touch. We will miss you, Rolly.”

“Rolly left to form his own studio in Newport Beach, but returned to Disney now and then, and even helped develop Walt Disney’s World’s EPCOT Center (now Epcot), including a design for it that never came to be: ‘Eptot,’ an area of Epcot that would be dedicated for young children. He also worked on the original The Land pavilion, which he said was the ‘most Epcot’ because of the hydroponics and fish farming, things that are actually consumed there after being grown futuristically.”


Disney Legend Rolly Crump Passes Away At 93
Mar 13, 2023

“Outside of Disney, Crump was known as a whimsical artist, and contributed designs and work on outside projects when he left the company in 1970. He worked on different projects for Busch Gardens, a wildlife preserve in Maryland, and the now defunct Circus World theme park that was in Orlando. Notably, he was also responsible for the wildly popular Knott’s Beary Tales dark ride at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, mere miles away from his earlier attractions at Disneyland.

“He returned to Disney in 1976, helping with The Land pavilion at EPCOT and early planning for the Wonders of Life pavilion, before leaving again in 1981 to launch his own firm, Mariposa Design Group. He returned to Disney once again in 1992, joining as an executive designer at WDI for EPCOT. He retired from the company in 1996, and was named a Disney Legend in 2004. In 2012, he published an autobiography titled It’s Kind of a Cute Story. He passed away yesterday, March 12th, 2023 peacefully in his Carlsbad, California home at the age of 93. For a more detailed look at the accomplished career of Rolly Crump, you can also enjoy Jim’s Disney Legends Spotlight on Rolly.”

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Bruce Vaughn Returns to Walt Disney Imagineering as Chief Creative Officer
by Michelle Snow
March 8, 2023

“As part of Bob Iger’s restructuring of The Walt Disney Company, Bruce Vaughn will return as chief creative officer of Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI).”

“He originally left in 2016 to pursue other opportunities, including stints at Dreamscape Immersive, and most recently at Airbnb, where he developed and led the Experiential Creative Product team.”

Disney Parks Blog

Good News! Bruce Vaughn Returning to Imagineering!
By Shelly Valladolid -March 7, 2023

“When Bob Iger returned to head up the Walt Disney Company last year, he promised a return to creativity and putting creative people in charge of parts of the company. Anyone who has seen the new Buena Vista Lounge at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort or the new facade at Ralph Brennan’s knows that hasn’t been happening…until now.

“Disney just announced that creative Imagineer Bruce Vaughn is returning to co-lead Walt Disney Imagineering, and fans of immersive storytelling can breathe a sigh of relief. Barbara Bouza, known for her minimalist designs, will still be with the company, but Bruce will be Chief Creative Officer alongside Bouza as President.”


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