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“This is a second volume with ALL NEW CONTENT! We recount how Disneyland Custodial was literally built from the ground up, documented encounters with Walt Disney you’ve never read before, explore more moments in Disneyland history with eyewitnesses and participants, take a look at Bussing and Night Custodial, & get the reader updated on what’s changed since we clocked out for the last time.”

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What is it like to be the eyes and ears of the institution known as The Happiest Place on Earth? How does it really feel to work day in and day out leading part of the world famous Disneyland Custodial team? Just how do they keep such a busy place so clean? Find the answers to these questions and more as secrets are revealed in this unauthorized, honest, and affectionate memoir from insiders who struggled to keep guests happy, tame wild new cast members, and keep the original Disneyland clean through a time of tremendous change, growth, and controversy for the Resort. You’ll discover that cleaning up is just a part of the job as you experience heartwarming triumphs, heartbreaking tragedies, and hearty laughs along with the people who lived them.​ ​(460 pages) 


WELCOME to the Sweep Spot Podcast: A show hosted by two former Disneyland Custodial cast members. We bring you stories, history and information about the Park, that include a cast member point of view. This web page allows us to bring you additional content that can't be provided on a podcast, Information on past shows,  show notes, pictures,  interesting other Disney related pages, and much more.